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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2011 3:31am-4:01am EST

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could enjoy the isolation of a flight to the red planet. well after this week's g. twenty get together in france r.t. talks to the russian president's aides on whether summits like this have the power to tackle global recession. i've got to go to college thank you very much for being with us today so the global economy is in a pretty bad shape and especially the eurozone can ski honestly for example last year's twenty summit was worth something about one billion dollars. people don't really think that anything comes out of this and especially when it comes to plausible solutions to the real problems world is facing. for example last summit
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suggested that world needs more financial regulation and that countries with big budget deficits should cut those deficits and the countries with large surpluses in external trade should encourage internal consumption any of this been implemented. conducted assignments so it's cheaper and cheaper from time to time and money being spent in a more efficient way before second. because important to understand the while during this time it's more specific decisions are being maintained. accordingly tional for policies conducted by national governments are important result this current before that it. could face much more difficult consequences for financial turmoil the happened in two thousand take but what are you guys deciding on this summits and g. twenty that you can't decide of the phone or look to the ice or preach other final
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outcome is much more efficient in your phone conversations far too formal for those kinds of decisions especially given the differences. in supervision it's unfair. use our various nations let's take united states and china one conversations help they need to talk to each other better to throw in. some kind of compromise where bush in your opinion what would you say so far has been the biggest achievement concrete achievement of g. twenty in europe are i would say that. just trying to play a portion crawl for the decision. making process. in europe now that you're mistaken one could argue with it could be or decision were whether it would be sufficient not to dissolve the crisis in europe but to
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resolve to turn chair pressure would be not easy but we're still like left with faced with fundamental problems in global economy with the u.s. debt the eurozone crisis or the euro crisis we're still had the lack of global financial oversight what do this factor leave us with i mean are we headed for a recession or a second round of recession there is commitment from all different countries to cut budget deficits where budget deficits are high and expect to all countries to follow suit to implement or commit. to do in this will help to achieve the degree of fiscal consolidation needed to call the markets in the. start so the new cycle grows a second so there's a clear understanding that the. stronger financial oversight is needed that there's some progress in the creation of new banking standards our position is that the
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pace of the force is sufficient we should not go too fast so if you reduce tougher security standards for financial institutions now we still have a negative impact on growth so i see you are you have good. to prevent another recession where does russia stand in all of this chaos russia is interested in global stability and this is why russian president. trying to sense he makes his contribution here stance we're just trying to position. he's following called the commitments we made before the budget based is down that you still more than one of the lowest levels in the world the recovery from the recession into cells and. then and four percent growth.
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according to all international benchmarks we are in a good position but what i'm interested in is. the really bad shape of the united states economy the really bad shape of the european crisis is it going to affect us . global on terminus a surreal effect russia it's clear the question is where the terrorists will be war more there and second with russia is prepared to face the challenges that we do have for the source we do have a strong storm lasted less markets we do believe that we will not face the same kind of crisis that we're at themselves and think but do you agree for instance with president obama when he calls for the whole world to stand united by the u.s. economy it's a bit of a selfish call it is a selfish call to. clear the most to critical considerations same time use economies to the biggest economy and. negative he went right. to
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affect the global economy. the negative way. but i would. reassert by saying for you should all support the trouble. of trying a curious should do. it's on work as well to reduce budget their second that i also think open reffed between sarkozy and cameron confirms one more time how divided the european nations really are are the decisions that are taken at that have been taken at the e.u. summit enough to prevent this spread of three year or so crisis let's hope that the european decisions are sufficient to prevent the spread of the crisis mark amounts of money you know are quite big. but. the effect is conditional on not what national grounds. it's a second step especially the big government italy spain portable parliament or some
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other countries with qantas need to continue to undertake mirrors to trivialise public. banks as well but do you feel like that the time has come where when the pressure is actually in a position to advise its former mentors to be feel that you have. a sufficiently good results to. advice if the advice is requested and also to contribute to the stability. or financial resources we. hate in the european package why the international mind to form this white become all sort of money that could be used in different way otherwise are we ready to lend financial support to the european union like china for instance we were looking. to provide direct financial support what would do it
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but. why are the international monetary fund requested to provide direct financial support we'll consider this and we'll consider the most efficient ways to do articles what about the bric countries a lot of people look up to them as like the last couple hope what should they do to maintain global financial stability all greek countless. trying to provide for highest growth rates possible consequence to this in achieving quite a growth rates the key. global financial stability chinese growth would presumably crush. all the things very important for global economy right now and the share of brics countries is already quite big in the global g.d.p. . introduction of the gross becomes to screw to the higher risks in the global economy occupy wall street i know that you guys are used to having protests
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wherever you go whether it's people who are against globalization or environmentalists do you think maybe after all these people have a point i mean introducing one person tax or financial transactions and currency trait that's actually enough money to finance most social and environmental that is in the world i think that people who. go to the streets to send the signal to the governments have a point and. the point is that all things that the government should be doing should be related to the people's needs. one example in russia is the creation of international financial center in moscow some people believe that just that your brain creates and. it is you know for brinks and the other financial institutions to floor it but not if you. built our financial
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center in such a way when people. go into occupy moscow financial center rise and wall street should be our financial center in such a way that it will help people to get. good services cheaper services. to her for a more convenient life in general. as far as a tax and financial transaction is concerned i think congress can decide on their own with introduced such a tax or not you believe that rush rewarded for. enough taxes for all kinds of taxes and all stocks are sufficient to finance oh all social programs if collected properly and used properly so we don't need to know other tax. in russia we believe that the steps will hurt the economy but in some other
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countries. and believes that this kind of stuff might be useful why not are going to focus russia's g twenty eight to the russian president thank you very much thank you. for technological breakthroughs save human lives. she goes to the scene. ways to protect. their. place local cuisine. but her future developments depend on the way. it should close up on our t.v. .
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street they have. the chance to get. this is a big human experiment. to see this right. local economy and it's all came. to me. to be. close to collapsing. close plants people. feel like things us crashed. killing. the construction jobs programs increase the total economy.
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wealthy british. was. happening to the global economy is. an issue for. critique a should free in-store charge is free from a jewish free. three stooges free. free blog video. of free media.
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the latest news on the week's top stories in our. prime minister fighting for his job to form a new unity government. together on one thing saving. grace. to keep. the country despite scores of arrests. tough policing. russian businessmen to boot faces life behind bars in the us of being convicted of selling weapons to terrorist groups and conspiring to kill americans denies all the charges against him and says he'll appeal. and a manned mission to mars comes closer to reality moscow bunker is open to five hundred twenty days sharing that mankind could enjoy the isolation of a long flight to the red planet. next it's all the sports news with.
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thank you carrion thank you for joining us this is indeed sports that we have got plenty ahead that's how we spend more time let's get to. spoil sure to spark a point of peace in the final moscow darby of the russian premier league season. make valid doesn't move in g.p. champion casey stoner steals a record equalling twelfth goal of the season in the lead to. hitting the heights there's a new star ruffling the feathers of kickboxing elite and russian find out shortly why is he named two women. let's get going with tennis where the fed cup final is delicately poised the following day wall hosts russia and the czech republic level one rubber apiece following the singles portion in moscow petrik
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a bit of a game checks the lead early on saturday the wimbledon champion easily overcoming reoccur olenka herself was a late replacement for beer is one more number to compete over who has been in brilliant form this year burley troubled breezing through a six two six two win in just over an hour. and the beginning was a surprise for sure. mays lyman it implies. some mistakes and so my so was that even though both games and then. i was mark confident from embracing lion and playing again my game was there given to the fed cup has its own specific atmosphere it's hard to compare it even to a grand slam tournament so i'm glad to be back with the team patrick is on top of her form and she played really well today i tried to do my best to win tonight. but
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i failed. that result. a lot of pressure to get her country back on level terms but the russian julie obliged the six she swept aside her opponent lucie safarova and st since. i was under high pressure as can the two i won the opening match that could bother and probably break my game six or seven years ago but now i'm more experienced and that helped me to motivate myself in order to get an important win today. let's talk football where this weekend officially brings the russian premier league regular season to a close the top eight teams will out battle for the crown with the bottom eight of sixteen fighting to avoid relegation sides spartak will be in the title group with a team sharing the points on the spot the visitors dominating most of the first off it was the nominee who took the lead half a dozen minutes from the break german striker kevin karami netting his tenth goal
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of the season after rising highest to convert alexander some adults free sport talk responded fifty seven minutes into aiden mcgeady ensuring he'll enter this week's euro twenty twelve play offs are lent against is still mia in high spirits one one how it ended meaning local t.v. can overtake sports into fourth place if they beat yet another all squad fitzy escalator today. involve big spending on g.s. occurred just their second win and seven after comfortable three one victory against for you so you toss the post though needing to come from behind after a month or be over the of the summer and i thought the league ten minutes of time and you were level just a minute later though you're a shirt off the money getting to the byline but mom there scored some your letter won the one on sixty four minutes the home side would go in from shore cough again they're provided for should meal kilos that grateful that been. seen in the points two minutes later when alexander to cough was whole job evolved to run off. a move
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which earned a pretty tough to help them straight red and so well he made no mistakes in the penalty spot that is the cameroonian seventh season three one on the final. days first game start. boston eighth straight defeat the home side taking the lead in eighteen minutes thanks to hector iraq. in the sixty fifth minute there was a moment to savor for tom victory a strong story the night's first in over nine hours before their first and thirty games i want to strike it was the top sides chances of recording their first victory since july also given a boost in the just a ten. say kasich breaking tom hearts in stoppage time with this header tearing the home side all three. finally so their neighbors. crusts nadar went head to head and girls need the home side is hoping
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the scoring twenty five minutes into the second half under cover lanka. double the lead moments before the final whistle thanks to. seem to me to kneel to the chechens a good showing as they begin their postseason relegation round robin. now by the end of today we will know our regular season table toppers that's on or will either go to present leaders and eat or. before the main dishes are served up. the starter sports. car will go head to head in southern russia. in each meeting with. victory will guarantee them spot six. while if the need slip up c.s.k. could leap frog the first place though they will need to beat city rivals unlockable t.v.
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away in the last march. the first part of his longest championship in history. to the english game where it's due where in the english premier league leaders manchester city in the chasing month chest united both winning on saturday city coming out the right side of a five goal thriller away to q.p.r. while their cross-town rivals want alex ferguson's twenty fifth anniversary. home to sunderland. their third place but with a two one win over everton arsenal claim their fourth straight league win with victory over west brom off the villa and chelsea claimed all three points while liverpool were held to a disappointing. to new voice. or eye to basketball we go where defending your league champions. league to be on home court to maintain their perfect start to the season sonny weems spearheading the visitors' charge in the second quarter his travel handing the lithuanian club a four point lead at home time the americans well he would finish with
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a game leading to twenty one points that will be the highlight of the power of the greeks show after the big break ninety two to seventy five was the final score nothing's meaning thomas and i could beat them three games but july second in their group be behind russian champions c.s. scott. casey stoner is certainly not taking his foot off the pedal despite clinching the moto g.p. title in his native australia last month the repsol honda rider claiming a record equalling twelfth pole of the season and suffered a head of the year ending race in valencia stoner topped the time sheets in two of the three practice sessions a day earlier he was an equally dominant form qualification in spain becoming the sole rider. one minute thirty seconds more than a second faster than teammate downie joseph who is second quickest american ben spice completed the front row. brings us on to the
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math finally where russian kickboxing starbucks who has a cough is now a fully fledged member of the fight game elite spot to han who beat out for crocs earlier this year no less claiming victory over another k. one great on saturday night robert for done in watch the action from ringside. three every fight as if is the fight over life that freed but the classical is live isn't. that culminating in the biggest bud of all in moscow and set of russia still welterweight kickboxer against one of the toughest men in the business minds and bettis the reigning champ the greek the second legend to death the thirty one year old. in march made his way out of the letter by bidding crouse a unanimous decision the stem around he didn't wait around. he's also known as iron
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mike but the truth to me of something even stronger on the night he's dangerous nice forcing them to give up the fight due to fracture early in the first round. clear when the crucial heat came. my plan for the fight was to make mike constantly move to not let him stay firm on his feet that's where he's extremely dangerous punching very hard but when it comes to knees and kicks well that's where i'm strongest. so who's next will but the one that question is yet to be answered although the man himself knows what he wants. my point of view is that the very best fighters should keep coming to russia to show what they have to offer now i can fight on my own terms and not have to travel as much the main event of the night was preceded by a number of exciting fights russia's mixed martial arts. to go on ukraine.
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and the same native was quick to show why she deserved a favorite stat claiming a unanimous decision when a hugely skillful for either and on top of that a lady. deciding not to speak to r.t. until she fresh. and up a little slice of the cigarettes a bunch i had to dope to couldn't fool rules which are not questionable for me just pay a lot of attention to kiki here while my four days book saying so tonight i focused on wrestling and that's what gave me the age meanwhile the clash between russia. and china. so a real master class of can fool the man from the martial arts homeland however schooled by the local was simply better in all aspects of the clash robert r t moscow. twenty bruises their holidays all your sports world weather is coming up in
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just a tick. british
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. market. what's really happening to the global economy. headline. news on the week's top stories. the greek. prime minister.
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also. says. to keep the greedy. protests despite scores of arrests and. russian businessmen to boot. weapons to terrorist groups which he did. the moscow. hundred twenty days. to the red.


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